Open Positions

Software Engineer

We are preparing for release a brand-new version of S2E, called S2E2. It has a rearchitected engine that is fast and modular, advanced support for Windows and Linux guests, Python scripting, etc. An alpha version of S2E2 was the fastest at finding vulnerabilities in the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge.

We’re looking for people to join us ASAP in this effort. If you’re a hardcore systems programmer, are passionate about security, and want to revolutionize the level of reliability and security in systems software, let’s talk!

You’ll be joining the research team at EPFL and will collaborate with Cyberhaven, an advanced software security startup located at the EPFL Innovation Park, on the shore of Lake Geneva. The project is sponsored by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation.

We’re looking for people who are exceptionally strong in computer systems, love hacking both inside and outside an OS kernel, and have a proven track record of building systems, contributing to open source projects, etc. If C/C++ is your mother tongue and you’re comfortable coding at any layer in the software stack, email us the following materials:

  1. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (please include descriptions of previous projects you have worked on);

  2. Contact information (email + phone) for two references who have agreed to speak about you, your work, and your potential. Please do not send us open letters of recommendation; we will directly contact your reference providers and solicit confidential feedback on you.

We evaluate candidates on an ongoing basis, so please submit the materials as soon as they are available.